Why study University English Preparation? 

University English Program (UEP) is just the start of your pathway to university success. We offer this part-time course to ensure you achieve your goals and potential by building the language skills you need to succeed in study or your career.

The benefits of UEP courses include: 

What skills will you learn? 

  • Report and essay writing

  • Fast and intensive reading

  • Independent learning

  • Negotiation

  • Conversational skills for any situation

  • Email writing

  • Presentation skills

Program Structure

UEP is offered part-time in 40 hour blocks. 

To ensure you enter at the level that suits your abilities we provide an English skills assessment prior to enrolment. We then provide counselling to ensure that you leave UIG with the English skills that meet your study or career goals.

Level 1 - Introductory

Topics: Our World, Lifestyle & Events

Introduces you to key grammar and language structures and formal writing skills.

Level 2 - Pre-Intermediate

Topics: People and Society

Focuses on developing writing skills (including paragraph and essay writing), speaking skills, presentation skills and, reading and listening strategies.

Level 3 - Intermediate

Topics: Business and Globalised World

Improves your English language for real-world work and university tasks such as data analysis, reporting and essays, presentations and tutorial discussions.

Level 4 - Upper Intermediate

Topics: Internet Society and Cities

Develops the ability to paraphrase and summarise written content. Develops confidence in researching and writing essays and reports and giving formal presentations.

Level 5 - Proficient

Topics: Organisations and Leadership

Develops the ability to research and synthesis written information and write essays and reports suitable for year 1 university submission.
My learning experience in this course was interesting. I learned about academic writing. The teacher is helpful, communicative, and responsive. My classmates are nice, and we are close to each other. Overall, I’m really satisfied with the quality of the course and the teaching. I would recommend UIG English to others because the course was worth it to improve my English skills.
— Diaz Rahma, UEP Intermediate class