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‘ I graduated from University of Indonesia Majoring in Law and I'm planning to take a Master Degree in University of Melbourne majoring in Law.

I decided to take an Academic English class because I need to improve my knowledge especially academic writing.

I chose UIG because my friend from Australia recommended it to me and UIG uses the curriculum from UTS Insearch that focus on Academic English. I feel after studying at UIG English my academic writing skills has improved especially in paraphrasing, which is very useful for my study in Australia’

Safira Adila Murti - AE5 Student


‘I learnt a significant amount of vocabulary and advanced grammar. It was a rewarding experience.’

Aulia Ridzki – AE3 Student

'Before I joined the Academic English program at UIG English, my English skills, especially writing, were very weak. I have improved greatly thanks to the amount of support from my teachers as well as the comprehensive course materials.'

Yosua - Currently studying at UTS Insearch in Sydney


'The materials are particularly good and very practical, with interesting topics and tasks. I now feel more confident about my English ability and completing my degree.'

Frieda - now studying Business in Sydney

'I learnt how to communicate professionally in the business world.’

Bill Alzepa – AE4 student

'Academic English has taught me useful tips and lessons which are very relevant to my study at university.'

Saskia - now studying at the University of San Francisco

‘The course materials were amazingly comprehensive. I even learnt how to present in class at university level.’

Novika Candra – AE5 Student

'My teachers provided me with great support that assisted me in overcoming the challenging course.’

Nurul Jihan – AE4 Student

Allen Prasetya- IELTS Saturday.jpg

'I had an interesting experience in my IELTS class. What I liked most about the course was the tips and tricks, exercises and the example of the other test. The teachers are really helpful and good. My teacher was communicative, always gave feedback, responsive, and was always well-prepared. Overall, I’m very satisfied with the quality of the course and with the quality of the teacher. I would recommend UIG English to others because this course is really useful for those who want to take IELTS.'

Allen Prasetya