IELTS Top 10 tips

Tip #1

Understand variations of English.

Listen to various types of accents and watch movies and TV shows from UK, US and Australia on YouTube

Tip #2

Make time to study

It takes more than 400 hours of study and learning to progress 1 IELTS Band, or 200 hours for ·5 of a Band.

Tip #3

Don't memorise answers!

Spend your time doing practice tests and learning language in preparation for all versions instead. Learn language, not answers!

Tip #4

Read questions carefully

Take the time to be clear about what the question is asking you to do. Each question stands alone – every question should have its own answer. If you miss a question – move on!

Tip #5

Success comes from preparation

• Become familiar with all question types by doing as many practice tests as possible.

• Listen to songs, movies, radio programs.

Tip #6

Practice reading!

• Developing your reading skills – skimming, scanning, predicting

• Reading about a broad range of topics (geography, news, weather, etc.).

Tip #7

Practice writing!

Get used to writing essays on different topics and according to the length and time requirements

HINT: Work out how many lines you need write. Know many words you write on a line. Divide number of words by the total word requirement

For example: 200 word essay / 11 (number of words per line) = you need to write 22 lines

Tip #8

Practice vocabulary

Expand your vocabulary for a range of IELTS topics, learn useful words and their word forms, identify the stressed syllable, and always remember to get the spelling right!

Tip #9

Understand the criteria of writing test

Understand IELTS criteria and what the examiner is looking for. Learn to check your own work and identify mistakes.

Tip #10

Understand the criteria of speaking test

• Improve fluency by speaking with anyone.

• Improve accuracy with a teacher or native speaker.

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