Why study English for Professionals? 

English for Professionals is designed to improve English fluency and accuracy as well as the ability to confidently use English in a professional setting.  

Intended for delivery in a workplace setting this course develops the skills needed to:

  • Communicate confidently in English in a professional setting;

  • Deliver formal presentations in English in a corporate environment;

  • Write reports in English; and

  • Develop an awareness and understanding of contemporary issues and topics affecting business.

Program Structure

English for Professionals is made up of three 20 hour modules which can be delivered in a block or individually depending on individual or business needs.

Group pricing is available on request.

Introduction to English for Professionals

This course provides a general introduction to using English in a business setting.

Duration: 20 hours

English for professionals 1

This course develops professional speaking skills particularly to those needed to give a formal presentation in English. It also improves listening and note-taking skills and the ability to interpret graphs and summarise data verbally and in writing.

Duration: 20 hours

English for Professionals 2

Further develops speaking and writing skills, including a focus on describing graphs and writing formal reports. It also develops listening and reading skills and, an awareness and understanding of contemporary issues and topics affecting business.

Duration: 20 hours

My learning experience in this course was interesting. I learnt how to construct sentences when I want to write an email. I also learned how to speak English when stressed, and I have improved my confidence. What I like most about the course is the discussion with other students. Clear explanations from the teacher helped me learn the most. The teacher taught us so kindly, very helpfully, well-prepared, and responds well to students, either in individual or groups level. He can answer each questions with explanations easily. I also like the method that the teacher used. My classmates had various skills that helped me to improve my vocabulary. Overall, I’m satisfied with the course and the teacher. I would recommend UIG English to others because this course can help people improve their skill in English.
— Damianus Aditya