Why study English for Academic Research? 

English for Academic Research is a specialist course designed to meet the needs of students who want to study a research-based degree at either PhD or Master’s level or, who want to be involved in an exchange of research ideas in an English-speaking environment.

English for Academic Research is designed to:

  • Ensure students gain the skills needed to clearly express verbally and in writing their ideas about a research topic;

  • Develop the reading, listening, writing and speaking skills that are relevant to the research experience;

  • Equip students with the skills needed to successfully interact with their research supervisor; and

  • Ensure that those wanting to be involved in research in an English speaking environment have the language and study skills needed.

Workshop Background Length, venue, price Schedule
Academic Writing Conventions This workshop is designed for those who need to write articles for journals and other academic texts like case studies. It will cover the characteristics and conventions of the different writing styles used and, the vocabulary and citations used in the different formats. 9 hours / UIG Wijaya / Rp. 1.750.000
Academic Research Writing Skills This workshop is designed for undergraduate students who want to understand the writing and research skills needed to do a Masters degree. It is also suitable for those already studying a Masters or who plan to do a PhD. The later will learn how to be more accurate in their writing and how to take written information and formulate it in their own words in either written or spoken English. 16 hours / UIG Wijaya / Rp. 2.750.000 TBC
Integrated Survey Research This workshop is designed for anyone who does research and can be taken at the undergraduate or graduate level. It will help participants to further develop skills to navigate texts and locate references to relevant literature. Besides reviewing vocabulary (synonyms) commonly used to talk about academic writing participants will work on titles, headings and graphics to help with understanding and general context. 12 hours / UIG Wijaya / Rp. 1.950.000 TBC
Ethical Research This workshop is for anyone who wants to write a thesis or dissertation or go abroad to get a Masters or PhD. It will look at expanding vocabulary related to ethical conduct and examine different characteristics of ethics like honesty, openness, responsible publications, and confidentiality to name a few. 4 hrs / UIG Wijaya / Rp. 950.000 TBC


English for Academic Research will help you learn the following skills:

  • Vocabulary for research study

  • Academic reading & comprehension

  • Writing skills for research

  • Conversational skills to communicate with supervisors and peers

  • How to research academic articles

Program Structure

English for Academic Research

This course provides the English skills needed to study a research degree at PhD or Master's level.

Duration: 2 modules of 100 hours each

This course helped prepare the English skills needed for my research study such as in-text citations, referencing systems, research proposals and more. What I liked most about the course is our teacher – Aurora. Her art of teaching is beyond what one could expect. She helped me become more confident, and makes English easy to understand.
— Ninik Yunitri - AE6 Graduate

NOTE: All of these workshops are conducted in English but participants can come from any background/ major.