What’s the best way to prepare for IELTS?

What’s the best way to prepare for IELTS?  In a word: practice!! 

But we’re not talking about test practice – We’re talking about English practice.  Sure, test practice is good – but it’s not actually useful until you’re getting close to your test date. 

What you do need to do is practise your English!  You really need to give yourself lots of general and wide practice of listening, reading, speaking and writing. 

How can I get this practice? 

  • Listening – podcasts; TED Talks; radio news; TV dramas, movies and news; English conversation partners
  • Reading – brochures, advertisements, magazines, newspapers and fiction & non-fiction books and graded readers (online or hardcopy)
  • Speaking – English conversation partners: find a conversation partner online and have a conversation with them every day.  Or if you have a friend who can speak some English, arrange regular conversations with them right up until the day you take the test.
  • Writing – keep a diary in English and each day write a paragraph giving every detail of what you’ve been doing; write regular emails asking for information about services, products and holidays; complete an example IELTS Writing Task 1 or 2 every day.

So where can you get practice like this? 

From the internet – either at home or at a library or at an internet cafe. 

You can also get practice just like this at UIG.  UIG’s Academic English courses give you graded English language development and practice that lifts your English level and places you in the best position for a higher IELTS score.  Why don’t you contact a UIG counsellor today to find out about the ways Academic English can help get you a better IELTS score?