What is the most critical factor for uni success? Hint: It’s not intelligence

What is the most critical factor for uni success? Hint: It’s not intelligence

Being successful at university has nothing to do with your IQ or intelligence!  If you are wondering what is the most critical factor for your success at university besides having a strong level of English, here’s the answer:

It is all about being well-organised.  The best university students know how to organise their time, and they stick to it – this is the chief factor in determining your level of academic success.  Furthermore, being well-organised is particularly very important when you’re studying at a foreign university far from home.  This is partly because there are lots of distractions when you’re in a new country - distractions, which, unless you’re well-organised, can cause you to fall behind in submitting your assignments, which then can result in you failing your course! 

That’s why it’s very important to have strong independent learning skills and strategies under your belt. In Academic English we teach you these important independent learning skills and strategies.  For example, you learn how to be well-organised, you learn how to give yourself enough time to prepare your assignments, you learn how to manage the enormous amounts of English language reading you must do, and you learn strategies that make sure you submit your assignments on time.  These are all skills that are all extremely important.

Having good organisational skills like these is critical for academic success - Academic English develops these skills in you.  

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