Is IELTS making you anxious? 2 questions to help you manage your anxiety

Is IELTS making you anxious? 2 questions to help you manage your anxiety

Does IELTS make you anxious?  If so, it’s OK and you aren’t the only one.  IELTS is a very important test, so it’s normal for you to be feeling anxious or stressed.  However, in order to do your best you need to manage your anxiety.  If you don’t, it can negatively affect your performance and therefore your IELTS result.  To help you manage your anxiety it’s a good idea to ask yourself two questions:

1. What’s my purpose for doing IELTS?

If you don’t know yet where you want to go or what you want to study, then don’t waste your money on an IELTS test.  Instead do a free practice IELTS test. A practice IELTS test is a free way of checking your English level.

2. Am I ready to take IELTS?

To answer this, you should first find out what score you need for the course you want to study.

Then once you know the score you need, do a free practice IELTS test to see how close you are to this score.  If you aren’t close, then don’t do the real IELTS test yet as you will be wasting your money.  Instead you need to do an English language program to lift your English to the IELTS level you need.  At AEC, we have programs that will do this for you.  Academic English prepares you for uni success including IELTS and IELTS Preparation is proven to help students achieve the score they need for entry to international universities.

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