How is Academic English useful for your IELTS preparation?

How is Academic English useful for your IELTS preparation?

Academic English (AE) is known for its great success in preparing students for study at western universities.  However, did you know it’s also one of the best ways of getting a high IELTS score? There are three reasons why:   

  1. AE gives you fast, comprehensive development of all four skills: listening, reading, speaking and writing.
  2. AE gives you active expansion of your vocabulary.
  3. AE quickly strengthens your grammatical accuracy.

Let’s look at number 1 above in this post.  How does Academic English give you fast and comprehensive development of your listening, reading, speaking and writing?

Listening – we use a range of specially designed tasks together with a variety of audios & videos covering dialogues, lectures, tutorials, interviews, podcasts, TV shows, short talks, conversations and tests. You get multiple exposure to these along with intensive in-class practice. This strongly develops the listening skills and strategies necessary for a high IELTS score.

Reading – we use a variety of specially graded tasks together with magazine, newspaper and journal articles; book chapters; brochures; advertisements and even blogs to give you, intensive reading development in the exact reading micro-skills tested in IELTS.  We also take you through an Extensive Reading program with fiction & non-fiction graded readers – this quickly advances your reading speed and develops your self confidence in English reading.  These two together put you in the perfect position for IELTS success.

Speaking – we systematically focus on your fluency, conversational skills, presentation skills and the accuracy of your pronunciation and grammar.  We support your development through guided role play interactions, structured tutorials and interactive scenarios. To this we add a special 3 stage speaking test similar to the IELTS Speaking test, thus putting you in a great position for IELTS Speaking success.

Writing –  a lot of writing you do in AE is based on tasks like IELTS Task 1 and Task 2 writing.  This means you learn to do writing that is relevant to IELTS. We focus strongly on your grammatical accuracy in complex sentences as well as formal punctuation and the correct structuring of your essays and reports.  Your writing will improve quickly because in our teaching we give you writing models so that you can see examples and easily follow what good academic writing is.   

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