How can you find enough time to prepare effectively for IELTS?

How can you find enough time to prepare effectively for IELTS?

Effective preparation is key to a good IELTS score.  But most of us have busy lives, so finding enough time for this can be hard.  Here are some tips to help make sure you organise your time sufficiently well to achieve the strong IELTS result you need:

  1. Start your IELTS preparation many months before your IELTS test.
  2. Begin with a practice IELTS test use this to identify which skills (listening, reading, speaking, writing) are your weakest.
  3. Make a weekly plan or diary - for the week ahead write down the things you normally do in each of your waking hours. Do this at the start of each week.
  4.  In your weekly plan look for gaps each day, and in these write down the English practice you need to do, e.g. Tue 17.00-18.00 reading.

a. Using your IELTS practice test results, focus on your weakest skills.

b. Start off by giving yourself lots of general and wide English language practice.

c. When you are about 4 or 5 weeks from your IELTS test date, add timed IELTS test practice to your diary. 

Following a weekly plan encourages you to do daily English practice, and this is a fantastic way to lift your English level and achieve a strong IELTS result. 

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