Why study Academic English? 

At UIG, we offer a premium Academic English program which is designed by our partner UTS Insearch to help you prepare for success at an overseas university.  Academic English is intended to help you successfully study abroad by: 

  • Helping you learn to listen, speak, read, write and communicate confidently in a range of academic and social situations  
  • Ensuring you develop the critical thinking and independent learning skills needed for a successful study abroad 
  • Developing your ability to confidently interact in English in academic, social and work situations
  • Providing a pathway to an English speaking university 
  • Giving you the tools to study anywhere anytime 
  • Ensuring you get the same quality outcomes as if you studied at UTS Insearch in Sydney, Australia.

Our face-to-face program is supported by self-study tools which are available online through our English app which help you study anywhere anytime! 

What skills will you learn? 

  • Essay writing suitable for first year university 
  • Academic reading and comprehension
  • Independent learning 
  • How to take notes at lectures to reinforce your learning 
  • Presentation skills 
  • Conversational skills for any situation
  • Group work 


Yosua .png
Before I joined the Academic English program at UIG English, my English skills, especially writing, were very weak. I have improved greatly thanks to the amount of support from my teachers as well as the comprehensive course materials.
— Yosua - Currently studying at UTS Insearch in Sydney

Program Structure

AE is offered in 5 levels. To ensure you enter at the level that suits your abilities we provide an English skills assessment prior to enrolment. We then provide counselling to ensure that you leave UIG with the English skills that meet your study or career goals.

Level 1 - IELTS 4.5

Topics: Our World, Lifestyle and Events

Introduces you to Academic English with a focus on key language structures and basic writing skills for organisation and development.

Level 2 - IELTS 5.0

Topics: People and Society

Develops more complex academic abilities to give you tools for paragraph-writing, academic discussions, academic reading and listening tasks.

Level 3 - IELTS 5.5
Entry to Foundation Studies

Topics: Business and Globalised World

Teaches advanced academic language and concepts for real-world work and university tasks such as data analysis and reports, research-based essays, presentations and tutorial discussions.

Completion of AE3 will allow you to start Foundation Studies without an IELTS score.*

Level 4 - IELTS 6.0
Entry to Diploma or Degree*

Topics: Internet Society and Cities

Develops the ability to understand and summarise written content and develops confidence in researching and writing essays and reports. Teaches presentation skills and the ability to confidently participate in tutorials.

Completion of AE4 will allow you to start a Diploma with one of the Universities that recognise our programs without an IELTS score.*

Level 5 - IELTS 6.5
Entry to University

Topics: Organisations and Leadership

Focuses on the ability to research and understand written information from a range of academic texts and writing essays or reports suitable for year 1 university submission.

Completion of AE5 will allow you to start a Bachelor’s degree with one of the Universities that recognise our programs without an IELTS score.*

*AE level required for entry varies by university and qualification and students are also required to meet academic entry requirements.


Study Academic English at UIG and get access to scholarship to study abroad in Australia!

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